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Welcome to NOOSH Decor! We are an online store focused on offering you top of the line home decor and lighting solutions. The online decor store you can count on. We believe that it’s very important for your home to have the right decor, and that’s why we are here to offer you some amazing options to choose from. At NOOSH,  we are fully committed to source the best products and to deliver the best experience possible. 

Our team exists out of professionals so you can be rest assured that we always strive to provide each customer the best experience. If you have any questions or inquiries, our team will be ready for you at all times and we will ensure you that you will receive the necessary support.

NOOSH decor is created so that you can easily find the best decor and lighting products in one place with the best service. Each and every product in our store is unique, distinctive and visually appealing. We always strive to find creative products that improves the aesthetics in any room!

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